• December 2005
    Outwit Investments
    completed the acquisition and
    became the major shareholders

    July 2008
    Completed the acquisition with
    Grand Pharm (China) Co. Ltd
    ( Former of Wuhan Grand)

    August 2008
    Changed of Company name
    to China Grand Pharmaceutical and
    Healthcare Holdings Ltd

    November 2008
    Completed the acquisition
    with Wuhan Grand Hoyo

    February 2010
    Placed 200,000,000 new shares from
    renowned international and local
    institutional investors successfully raised
    funds of approx. HKD 90 millions

    May 2010
    Completed the acquisition
    with Hubei Grand Everyday
    Bright Eyes Company Ltd

    June 2010
    Complete the acquisition with
    Hubei Grand Fuchi Pharmaceutical
    and Chemical Co. Ltd

    October 2010
    Completed the acquisition
    with Zhejiang Xianle

    December 2010
    Open offer to quality shareholders at a
    subscription price of HK$ 0.58 per offer
    share on the basis of one offer share
    for every three existing shares held
    payable in full on application.

    September 2011
    Completed discloseable transaction,
    acquisition of equity interest in
    Wuhan Kernel Bio Tech Co.,Ltd.

    February 2012
    Through Acquisition, the Company
    current owned 75.95% of the Grand
    Pharm (China) Company Limited.

    September 2012
    Formation of
    Hubei Grand Bio-technology

    November 2012
    Completion of
    acquisition with
    Hubei Wellness
    Pharmaceutical Company Limited

    December 2012
    The Company held up to
    99.6% equity interests of
    Grand Pharm (China)

    February 2013
    Formation of a Joint Venture
    Company with Huangshi Feiyun
    Pharmaceutical Company Limited

    July 2013
    Entered into an acquisition
    agreement, acquired 70.84%
    equity interests of Beijing Rui Yao

    Oct 2014
    Increased in the registered capital
    of Grand Pharm (China) to 99.84%

    Dec 2014
    Acquired 100% equity
    interests of Jingming

    Acquired 73% equity
    interests of German based
    company Cardionovum GmbH
    with CDB-Equipment
    Manufacturing Investment
    Fund Co. Ltd,
    and set up a PRC Joint
    Venture company