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Trade Name: Brand-new Bai Nei-ting
English Name: Pirenoxine Eye Drops
“Brand-new Bai Nei-ting” is new product launched in July 2012 under the anti-cataract series of the Group, main treatment for early stage of age-related cataracts. The “Brand-new Bai Nei-ting” is the first suspension formulations of anti-cataract generic drugs in China. The suspension formulation could significantly increase the stability and safety of the drop.

Comparison between “Bai Nei-ting” and “Brand-new Bai Nei-ting” were as follows;
Bai Nei-ting
Bai Nei-ting
Main Ingredient Pirenoxine Pirenoxine Sodium
Packing 5ml:0.25mg 15ml:0.8mg
Formulations Suspension Aqueous solution
Validity 18months 24months
  • Early stage of age-related cataract
  • Early stage of age-related cataract
  • Mild diabetics Cataract
  • Complicated Cataract
  • Solve the problems of instability of sodium in aqueous solution, greatly improve stability and safety to patients
  • Convenient to Use
  • Prevent the instability of sodium inside the aqueous pirenoxine and reduced the safety of the medicines
  • Relatively Inconvenient to Use


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