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Corporate News
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  27 Nov 2017 Grand Pharm(China) Received Honorary as "2017 China Pharmaceutical Industry Outstanding Enterprises and Outstanding Brand"  
  16 Nov 2017 China Grand Pharm Hold Signing Ceremony with Candian Medical Devices Comapny, Conavi Medical Inc.  
  05 Sep 2017 China Grand Enterprises Ranks 13 at Top 100 Accolade in China’s Pharmaceutical Industry  
  19 Jul 2017 Grand Pharm (China) enlisted on Pilot Demonstration Program for Integration of Informatization and Industrialization  
  30 Jun 2017 Grand Pharm (China) Ranked 62 in Top 100 China Pharmaceutical Industry Ranking  
  07 Jun 2017 Ruizhu Selected as finalist for This Year National Best Wellness Brand Awards  
  10 Apr 2017 New Bai Nei Ting”(新白內停®) Bendazac Lysine Eye Drops (ME Packaging) is Launched  


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